This video series covers the entire Cold War from the rise of communism, up through the collapse of the Soviet Union.  This includes events such as the Berlin Airlift, the Korean Conflict, the Red Scare, the Kitchen Debate, the U-2 incident, the Space Race and more!


Soviet Union:

Berlin Airlift:

The Iron Curtain:

The Truman Doctrine:

The Chinese Civil War:

The Korean Conflict:

Cold War Spies:

The Red Scare (Part One):

The Red Scare (Part Two):

Civil Defense at School:

Civil Defense at Home:

Fallout Shelters:

Family Fallout Shelters:

The Effects of Nuclear Weapons:

The Kitchen Debate:

The U-2 Incident:

The Berlin Wall:

Fidel Castro:

The Cuban Missile Crisis:

Public Reaction to the Cuban Missile Crisis:

The Vietnam Conflict:

The Space Race:

Nixon Goes to China:


Collapse of the Soviet Union:

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