Fiction from Reading Through History

We have some great historical fiction titles to offer as well as chapter books for younger readers.

Historical Fiction


Original Spin

 Mattie Mitchell loves music. It’s just one of the many things that she and her parents have disagreements about. 

The year is 1957 and Tommy Spin, a popular new disc jockey, has just  hit the airwaves. After securing a job working at Tommy’s radio station,  Mattie begins to believe that she has found her calling in life. 

Just as Mattie is learning how to balance her work schedule between  family, friends, and school, the town erupts in turmoil over the type of  music Tommy is playing—rock n’ roll. A group of angry citizens  conspires to keep the radio station off the air, while Mattie and her  boss do their best to keep the station afloat. 

Weeks pass by,  and Mattie becomes hopelessly trapped between the wishes of her  well-meaning parents and her loyalty to her employer. As the situation  escalates, Mattie finds herself at the forefront of a grassroots  movement to defend free speech rights. How far will the townspeople go  to stop the music? 

How far will Mattie go to make a stand for what she  believes in?

Age Range: 5th grade - Seniors, but can be 

enjoyed by all reading audiences.


Ryan's Crossing

In the fall of 1962, Danny Stone is living the life of a normal American teenager.

 Baseball, TV westerns, homework, and avoiding chores are his biggest concerns until a chance discovery on a school field trip sparks his interest in the local legend of Ryan's Crossing. 

Danny instantly becomes infatuated with the tales of tragedy, death, and unsettled spirits the bridge has to offer. As Danny and his friends begin unraveling the true story of Ryan's Crossing, the world around them plunges into chaos when it is discovered that the Soviet Union has been placing ballistic missiles in Cuba.

 The safety and innocence of their childhoods are swept away, replaced by the threat of nuclear Armageddon. With the certainty of their futures in doubt, Danny's interest in Ryan's Crossing becomes potentially lethal as they realize the gravest dangers lie much closer to home...

Age Range: 5th - 8th grade, but can be 

enjoyed by all reading audiences.


The Ashes of Our Fathers

It is the fall of 1864, and the Civil War has returned to Middle Tennessee. 

Joe Williams, a soldier in John Bell Hood’s Rebel army, is marching ever closer to his hometown of Franklin. With the war winding into its final bloody months, Joe begins grappling with his own troubled past: a soured relationship with his father, festering blood feuds, and lost love. 

As a major confrontation with Union forces draws near, he marches back into the Franklin Valley and into the center of one of the war’s deadliest engagements.

Age Range: intended for high school and older audiences.  

Warning: this novel does include adult language.

The Radio Road Series


Radio Road

Marshall Maddox has just moved to Radio Road—and it sure is different than where he came from… 

While Marshall attempts to make friends and adjust to a new life, it is announced that there will be a community-wide carnival on Halloween night! With the event only a few weeks away, Marshall and his classmates set out to win the grand prize. 

As Halloween and the much-anticipated carnival approaches, Marshall experiences the holiday in a way he never has before. Jack o’ lanterns, costumes, and trick-or-treating are just some of the fun things Marshall discovers as he overcomes unanticipated obstacles and learns to embrace the spirit of the season.

Age Range: 5th - 8th grade, but can

be enjoyed by all reading audiences.


A Radio Road Christmas

The holidays are approaching, and Marshall Maddox is realizing what Christmas on Radio Road is all about. 

He and his friends go caroling, look at Christmas lights, have snowball fights, attend pageants and much more. Like most of the kids in the neighborhood, Marshall is growing to cherish Mr. Schleishenheimer’s Family Fun Center, where ice skating is the featured attraction. But just as Marshall is learning to skate, he and his friends discover that the Fun Center is about to be shut down. The kids are heartbroken... 

Marshall and his friends would love to save the old business before it is closed completely, but no one is quite sure what to do. Can Marshall and the others help pull the community together before it is too late?

Age Range: 5th - 8th grade, but can be

enjoyed by all reading audiences.


Radio Road: Summer Games

Marshall Maddox and his friends have just finished the 6th grade. 

The group is looking forward to a summer full of bike riding, swimming, camping out, and of course, relaxing in their beloved tree house. Just as the summer gets underway, an unexpected visitor upsets the status quo on Radio Road. Brady Lomax is friendly, well-mannered, and all the kids seem to like him. However, Marshall can't decide how he feels about the new arrival. 

As the mid-summer doldrums set in, the boys hear about the Summer Games, a town-wide competition hosted by the local radio station. Marshall, Jeremy, Boomer, John, and the rest of the Radio Road crew become wrapped up in the tournament, squaring off against other local kids in eating competitions, tug-of-war, capture-the-flag, and many other exciting challenges. Friendships fracture as the summer begins to heat up... 

Will the bonds between them prove to be as sturdy as their trusty tree house? Join Marshall and his pals as they attempt to overcome unforeseen obstacles, stay focused, and try to come out on top.

Age Range: 5th - 8th grade, but can be

enjoyed by all reading audiences.