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Teachers Resource Manuals


Reading Through History has a number of high quality resource materials for classroom teachers.  Each manual includes dozens of units with historical content, multiple choice questions, guided reading activities, short answer questions, and free response essay questions. Click or tap on the image to check them out today!



The authors at Reading Through History are always hard at work to create new original fiction.  Historical fiction can be a great way to learn about history, not to mention improving reading ability.  Click or tap on the image to see what Reading Through History has to offer!

History Brief Books


Reading Through History offers a selection of short easy-to-digest books on a large number of topics.  Each of these non-fiction offerings includes the same historical content as our teacher's manuals, but with the questions and activities removed.  The result is a quick-hitting, highly readable product perfect for young readers. Click on or tap the image above to see more!

Individual Units


 Reading Through History has a large selection of smaller units that have never been included in a resource manual.  Each one has great historical information with the same quality activities that we include with all of our products.  Click on or tap the image to take a closer look! 

Free Units


Not sure if you or your students will like Reading Through History's products?  Never fear!  We have several free samples available so you can check out our format and give it a try.  Click on or tap the image and start today!



Reading Through History's videos are short and highly informative.  We have a wide selection of different topics which might be useful to many different students.  Click on or tap the image to see what we have available!